DS106 Round 2

York students in the Spring 2012 CT 101 class joined the ds106 community at “ds106.us” this week. Last semester (Fall 2011), York students in the course were first introduced to the online community of ds106 after a major revamp from the traditional CT 101 curriculum.

Michael Smith, the ds106 (CT101) teacher at York College, has stated that he will be laying aside his silver wig and putting down the mantle of role playing this semester. The semester at York College starts almost 2 weeks behind the University of Mary Washington (UMW), where the course is taught by Jim Groom and Alan Levine (aka CogDog). Although York students will be playing catch up, Michael Smith is confident they will eventually sync up with UMW.

Here are some responses to the first session:

The ds106 website has had a cool new makeover, which helps make community work more visible. Also new is the “Daily Create” which is inspired by the now late “dailyshoot.” The Daily create feeds a new creative “assignment” every day, that can be photography, video or audio. You can follow it on twitter: @DS106TDC

One day after York students board the ds106 train, January 31st, 2012, ds 106 sites were hacked. The damage was restricted mainly to users with Cast Iron Coding accounts, myself included. The sites in question showed this screen:

Hacked ds106 site

Hacked ds106 site

apparently some guy or group named Emre5807 wanted to make a point. Detective Kim Droom was called in figure out the situation and ds106ers rebutted by lolcatting him to death. His actions will not block the progress of ds106! But what a way to start the semester!


About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.