The process of art from ds106

In Prof. Michael Smith’s quest to turn York ds106 students into creative masterminds, he stresses process. An important part of the creation of art is the reasoning behind why it was created and the process of its creation. If I were to try to put it in a profound way: “The story behind art is the story behind it’s creation.” I know its bad, don’t quote me.

Here are a few examples of student work from the ds106 class at York:

The City Cowboy author describes using the internet to learn the tools his used to make the “Dynamite Radio Bumper.”

The author of tantani created a piece to help inspire creatvity.

Renae Alisha used art to describe the “pains” of getting her blog up and running for ds106.

The Bleep Blog, talks about his inspiration for his photo of the sunset from the projects, part of which comes from another student, not from York College, on ds106.


About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.