Student Joonmarie developing animation

One of our seniors, Joonmarie Roca-Brush, is seeking to make a name for herself in the world of animation. She is pictured left on the set of her senior seminar project (CT 401) at York College,“Foodtopia,” a delectable stop motion animation of edible art, made using many different types of food.

She has joined herself to a group of other young talented staff of writers, animators, concept artists, set designers and audio engineers to form a company called Limit Break Studios, officially launched in January.  They are working hard on developing an animated TV show called Life After Pride. The pilot episode 1 “Hotels & Hot Tubs” will be coming this April.

Currently they are promoting their work through events, parties, radio and soon at this year’s comic con. Friend them on facebook to show your support and to stay in the news feed!

We wish you success in your venture Joonmarie!

The official 1 minute teaser trailer and a promotional preview are embedded below.


About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.