Fall 2012 Classes

Fall registration at York College for 2012 begins April 16th.

The course offering for the Fall are listed below (Please refer here for the course descriptions).

Please note CT 201 and 205 will both be offered this Fall. Also SPCH 350 Persuasion and Propaganda in Television and CT 417  Special Topics: Advanced Sound Production, will be the only advanced major electives available this semester.

SPCH 350 is one of our more unconventional major electives. Although not currently listed in the official schedule of classes you are eligible to take this class if you have completed CT 201. Although it bears title, this course more closely resembles small group discussion than a traditional speech class. Seating is limited so register early. Here is the course description:

The nature of persuasion and propaganda as applied to all facets of television programming, both commercial and public.

Fall 2012 Courses

CT 101 Introduction to Video

CT 201 Foundations in Communications Technology

CT 205 Principles of the Moving Image

CT 244 Multimedia Sound Production

CT 345 Introduction to Motion Graphics

CT 360 Principles of Web Publishing

CT 381 Advanced Web Design

CT 401 Final Project/Senior Seminar

CT 417 Special Topics: Advanced Sound Production

CT 490/491 Internship

About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.