Reel Masters LIVE Show A Success

The York Reel Masters Awards Show last night was a success! Kudos for those who worked behind the scenes to pull it off. 50 people watched the LIVE broadcast, (some of those connections could have multiple people watching) and we had about 80 (different) votes.

Reel Masters Winners

Reel Master Winners Left to Right: Andre Suarez, Kerry-Ann Chin, William Lee

Space Beats (also known by Galaxy Field) by Team 4 comprised of  Andre Suarez, William Lee, Kerry-Ann Chin, was the winner. This video is  an fusion/alternative music video using only instrumentals with an edgy spacey feel, that somehow reminds me of Pink Floyd minus the vocals. And of course somehow a guitar named “Tuushie Balba” would find a way to win.

Watching the Twitter feed #ReelMasters, most expected the winner to be the PSA Don’t Risk It, a short but well produced reminder to have safe sex by Team 3. Many disagreed fiercely on Twitter with the people’s choice of Space Beats for the win, however I assure you, the votes were tallied honestly.

It was an awesome experience and loads of fun! Congratulations to the winners to Team 4, and Thanks for Watching!!!

If you missed the show, you can watch the winning video (Space Beats) and the Runner Up (Don’t Risk It) below.


About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.