CT 345 is moving!!

Spidey and the Punisher

The Intro to Motion Graphics (CT 345) class at York College has been getting busy animating. One of the recent assignments was to animate a Movie poster.

The CT 345 course teaches students how to make creative animated graphics for  a wide variety of digital media formats. This assignment got the students feet wet as they dabbled with various tools and ideas that would allow them to create their first animated masterpieces.

The Spider-Man poster on the right was created by Samson Seligson. He had to redraw some of the pieces in order to complete the animation. Click on the picture to go to his original post.


Amelia (left), was created by Renae Cumberbatch. It is simple, yet stunning especially because of the continuity of motion. Click on the picture to go to her post.

Here are links to some of the other posters created by the class (if you cannot see the animation in the image, click on it):

Be very Afraid by Lakeya Johnson

Bully by Isaac Thesatus

Pick a Card by Anthony Garces

The Runaways by David Delaney


You can see my attempt at a 5 minute animated gif in the featured image.

About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.