Fall 2012 Internship Review

Internships are an integral part of the Communications Technology program, one of the capstone courses (CT 490/491), and will provide you with an opportunity to test the waters of your field while still under guidance. Many of our students make connections during their internships that lead to jobs after graduation.

If you are interested in an internship, please see Daniel Phelps (dphelps@york.cuny.edu) or internship coordinator.

Several Communications Technology students completed internships this Fall semester. Each has learned many valuable lessons and has written about their experiences in a final journal entry, their reflection.

Christopher Rosa has this to say about his experience at Hot 97:

The good times I had were spent setting up for an interview, show, or broadcast.

I have changed in a way that most definitely made me a better person while being in the internship. I grew to have a better understanding of what it was like to have an job in something that I want to do as a career.

…I had to get over what was expected of me and come to work believing that it was a new challenge and new day.

The number one thing I …got out of this internship and what I hope others follow it that you don’t need to settle with what you have, you can go the extra mile.

One distinctive memory that I have about the internship was …Summer Jam. It was intense, hectic, and fun that’s why I will remember working there, being the camera/ transcriber. I was tired by the end but felt like I was doing something big.

Terrance Sanchez begins his description of his internship at MTV with his interview:

I was so nervous in my interview with my boss Louis …according to him, he felt my passion, and also my energy, as he was asking me questions about previous experiences. I really took this interview seriously, I even cut my hair shorter, and wore a suit with a tie. I am very glad I did so, because I made a good impression, and I was given the opportunity to intern at MTV…

I had the opportunity to introduce myself to many executives, and supervisors …and ask them questions…

I was able to pick up the techniques producers, and shooters use in the field, like how to ask the questions, as well as what kind of questions to ask…

…this internship enhanced my world in the production field. Multitasking in a fast pace environment will help me be more alert to what’s going on with things, and not be stuck, or overwhelmed, but be able to be prepared to pick up the pace, and adjust smoothly, while working autonomously or managing multiple projects.

Shakira Dale interned at Asia Society:

Working at the Asia Society overall has definitely been life a changing experience, one that goes beyond just filling up my resume. An internship is not supposed to be about getting coffee for people, only doing clerical work and/or, just sitting around and doing nothing. It’s about further developing your career goals, networking,  gaining more skills and learning by doing. This is what interning at the Asia Society has done for me. This is how, I feel, an internship should be. Because I worked here, I have a little more confidence in using these skills that I have acquired elsewhere.

Working here has even made me realize somethings about myself I need to change. For example, when I have a challenging task in front of me, …I prefer to figure it out by myself, no matter how long it takes. This is fine when you are not working with deadlines. …In the beginning I did this a lot, but as the weeks progressed I have learned to force myself to say something when I need help.

In Najlah’s class [CT 381 Advanced Web Design] we used WordPress to build our clients’ sites. …I had more of an understanding of it because I had been working in it at the Asia Society already.

I got my first taste at what working in a web/creative  based environment is like and I can confidently say I enjoyed it a lot and am ‘hungry’ for more…

Here is Crystal Williamson’s reflection on her internship, thus far:

I have asked Jay to continue my internship throughout January and he was more than happy to keep me. I have learned a lot from working with Early-Adopter and felt like my time was not up. I felt like I needed more time to learn and gain experience.

What surprised me the most about working with Jay was that networking is HUGE! He has obtained many big projects without even having to advertise[;] …each one was obtained through someone he knows. For instance, eBay Now wants to work with Jay on some Augmented Reality projects. The women that presented the idea to EBay Now is a good friend of Jay[‘s].

This internship has taught me that you need to be confident in yourself and the work that you do. You have to be able to articulate and put things into the clients’ perspective. If the client cannot understand what is going on or cannot picture in his head what you are trying to convey they are not going to hire you. You are not going to talk in CMS, HTML and CSS code the whole time with someone who has no knowledge of web design. Sometimes you have to please the customer even though you might think they are going in the wrong direction…

I have another skill (Augmented Reality) I can add to my resume now because of this internship.

Jarrel Lynch had this to say about his internship at the Maury/Springer/Wilkos Shows:

I think the one thing that surprised me about this internship was the opportunity to be hired immediately for Springer and to get along with everyone and have a place made for me immediately.

My daily activities deal more with screening and assisting the Post coordinator and helping out the Assistant Editor. Learning Avid Interplay is pretty closely related to any editing program that I have used so far, but I find myself still studying manuals and internet tutorials just to keep myself ready for anything new or interesting when screening episodes…

I would love to continue making connections with others in NBC Universal… Keeping those connections are the most important thing that I feel will help me in the future. There have been many people who started off in one division of NBC Universal, and have been transferred over to something new or  to what they always wanted to do.

Now that everything is done with the internship, I wonder will things change as an employee?

Najmul Suvo interned at a news corporation:

On August 27, I joined ATN Bangla NCA Department (News and Current Affairs) as a video editor working under Mr. Fakir Selim, he is the news editor. …he asked me to observe for few weeks and then I’ll be given opportunities…

Afjar, he was the cameraman, showed me certain techniques on how to use the camera, such as what to do if you have to hold the camera for long time, when to shoot the video and and when not to… He was very enthusiastic about his work, I learned a lot about camera from him.

Kanu, is the video editor… He showed techniques on how to use Adobe Photoshop in a whole different away from I learned from my classes…

As an intern student in the newsroom, I observed the different steps of news structure… The groups of the organization were friendly and accommodated me… They didn’t let me feel that I [was] only an intern…

They taught me …how a reporter makes their report on the field and after that how it comes on air. [gets broadcasted]

I learned a lot from ATN Bangla; working under Mr. Fakir Selim was wonderful…

About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.