Student Spotlight – Nacilia McCarthy

Nacilia at NY1

Nacilia at NY1

Nacilia McCarthy, one of our Communications Technology majors, was recently honored with a scholarship from The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, after participating in a mentorship program.

Nacilia was nominated by the Career Services department of York College to be a part of the Role Model Program, a mentorship program hosted by New York’s Chapter of The National Coalition of 100 Black Women. “I walked in the office and filled out the form at the very last minute,” she said.

The mentorship program occurred during Spring Break, March 25th to April 2nd. She and other participants in the program did several workshops: etiquette, business, branding, networking, etc. Included in the program was the opportunity to shadow someone in the field being pursued by the student. She says, “I wasn’t sure they would find somewhere to put me. I was scared they would just put me in some little newsy place.”

She was able to visit two locations: CBS Studios and NY1. At CBS Studios she visited all of the sets, and spent a great deal of time on the BET set. “I was exposed to everything that I was learning in TV Studio class, from the control room, the sound board, building the set, lighting, all of that. It was really exciting.” When she visited the NY1 set, she was able to sit at the news desk and met with Cheryl Wills. She was also able to “sit in the control room right next to the Technical Director, observing her every move,” which she describes as “super cool!”

On Thursday April 4th, the coalition held the closing ceremony.

“They announced that they would be handing out certificates for participating in the program. For the College Students, they looked at your application, how involved you were, looked at your GPA and would be awarding scholarships. When I heard third and second place I thought that was it, because I’m thinking everybody there was just as good. When I heard that I won first place, I was floored. It was crazy, felt really nice. It is a scholarship for $2000, and of course they expect you to come back and give back, volunteer or something, which is cool with me.”

When asked why she thinks she got the scholarship, she said, “honestly I don’t know why. If I were to say it’s because of this, I’d be arrogant.” “Everybody there was just as good, so I’m telling you what they told me. My GPA was really high, I’m a 3.7, I’m involved in school, and on top of that I wrote a killer essay. I don’t know anybody else there, so I don’t think there is any reason they should pick me over the next person, but it certainly felt good to be acknowledged like that.”

Ironically Nacilia recently declared herself a Communications Technology major. She had intended to transfer to another school, but after taking a CT class and speaking with Michael, she decided to become a Communications Technology major, this semester (Spring 2013).

When writing her essay, Nacilia started by, “Helping them get to know me, what I do here and her plans after she graduates.” She is currently a Jumpstart coordinator at York College, dances, and does small productions; she is also an English minor. “I used to write a lot of poetry,” she says, and now, “I am looking for a way to turn my poems into films or story, I just haven’t figured it out yet.”

“My main goal for the future is to graduate already possessing a job. I don’t want to graduate an look for a job. It might sound crazy to some people, but I’m working on it right now. I know very little but I’m trying to build my experience. I do believe I have something to offer. I used to only have movies in my head, but joining this program has made me realize, that you can evoke the emotion you want without fiction. I’ve learned so much in the few months that I’ve been here. I’ve learned that you don’t need words for the film to appeal to you, it can be pure music, something can take place in one spot.”

“I want to tell other people stories in a way that means as much to the person watching it as it does to the person telling it.”

We are proud Nacilia and her accomplishment, and we look forward to seeing what she will accomplish in the future.

About the Author

Iddan Brown is the Communications Technology Student Liason.