Communications Technology Student Spotlight: Anthony Garces

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Anthony Garces, Communications Technology Graduate of 2014 stopped by the lab to talk to students on March 27, 2015. He was a shining star as a student in the CT lab whose passion always came across in his work, primarily focused in video.

Here’s an example of his work, “Writers of Williamsburg” for portrait documentary that profiles graffiti artist Alan Ket:

What is your job?

I’m a Director of Photography at Williams New York, doing video production and animation for a high-end real estate company. We create marketing pieces for future architectural structures and buildings.

Our company works with a lot of time lapses to show where the building will be in the future to potential investors and to advertise the space.

We travel onsite to buildings and architectural structures that our clients want to advertise. My job has offered me travel opportunities to cities like London.ant_in_london

I recently got back from Singapore and Bali where we had the chance to talk to the architect Soo K Chan and developer Neo Que Yau.

architect3 architect4 architect1 architect2


We interviewed the architect too, so we’re putting together a video where he talks about the future space he’s constructing in Singapore.

How did you get this position?

I answered the job posting on craigslist, posted by the creative director Cesar Chez. He was really impressed by “Inspiration”, my documentary for portrait doc where I shot my brother on the Intrepid. He really liked the fact that I got access to shoot on the Intrepid, and that I shot in the snow.

The Intrepid’s PR team gave me two days to film, and on the second day, it snowed. Even though the weather was bad, and my hands were freezing, I had to get the footage. I made it work based on all the footage I shot on the second day and scrapped the footage from the first day that I shot. 

All the work I put into this video was what really impressed them and got me the job. 


What’s a solid piece of advice you’d give to current CT students?

I’m not afraid to Google something. I learned that from Mike [Director of Communications Technology department, Michael Branson Smith] early on.

I had to get on the Internet or find a way to research the things you want to learn outside of class. I spent a lot of time working on my skills outside of class time so I could really master the things I wanted to learn.  I worked hard on my videos and the class assignments because I wanted to make this my job and career when I got out of school.

When I started my job, I admitted that I didn’t have a lot of prior experience shooting time lapses, but I had to learn how to shoot them. I’m always willing to look it up on my own. I’ll do what I have to do and figure things out.

IMG_2261 IMG_2269

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Is this a career path you’d like to continue on?

I want to continue making these videos and take it to the next level by adding aesthetic to them. Shooting architectural videos is an untapped market right now and I want to get in there and set the standard [ for professional architectural shoots] by bringing beauty to this work.

I want to bring artistry to making these videos that featuring architectural design. I do my research and check up on the competition often because I need to see what I’m up against and what’s out there. I’m not really that impressed with what’s out there so far yet because it looks like people with cameras get on the street corners and hit record.

Right now, we’re focusing on hyperlapse videos, which involves changing camera angles over a longer period of time to create tracking shots. I’m really interested in taking architecture in video to the next level.



All images in this article were taken by Anthony Garces. His Instagram account can be found at @snapbackbobby.

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