The York College Communications Technology is an interdisciplinary program bringing together television, web, and design. The program offers two main concentrations: Television Production and Web Design & Development. Through the critical study of media and project-based applications, our majors are prepared for career opportunities in a variety media of production environments.

The program prepares students to thrive in an industry in which there is constant change. This is accomplished through three core principles for preparing our students to:

  1. Develop a deep sense of why we create and value stories and how nascent communications technologes are affecting ideas of narrative.
  2. Explore a variety of digital and non-digital technologies and develop a sense of agency with these tools, so that they have control over what they want to make.
  3. Cultivate a sense of digital citizenship by regularly narrating and sharing their process as a creative and critical practitioners as well as engaging other practitioners in a reflective manner to foster community and growth.

The majority of CT classes are project-based. Students create documentaries, graphics packages, multi-camera television shows, market work through social networks, create/manage websites and web content, or develop web applications. In addition, students are kept abreast of emerging industry workflows. Every project becomes an opportunity to showcase work in a portfolio.

One of the unique attributes of the CT program is how web-based portfolio building is embedded within the major. Every student in the major builds a work-in-progress portfolio for every project-based class. Each class portfolio becomes a storehouse of the students’ work and their process with critique from faculty and peers. Upon reaching their senior year, students will have an abundance of work to reflect on and choose from to build their final portfolio to showcase and start their career.

New York City is the media capital of the world, and students have unique access to quality internships year round. Communication Technology majors have interned with a number of organizations including: NY1, NFL Films, MTV, VH1, SNY, and Silver Cup Studios.

A significant number of our majors are in our highly successful Television Production Concentration – a non-fiction television production program. From the beginning, students are taught to focus on storytelling and access to story as they build technical expertise in production and post-production. The preparedness of our graduates is reflected in their success stories. Students in the television production concentration have been published in media journals, become web sensations, gone to graduate school, work in film, television, news and more.

About the Author

Michael Smith is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Communications Technology program at York College. Prof. Smith hosts a personal digital archive project blog on Commons titled It Cannot Be Trivial.