Course Advice

General Education Course Advice

A course sequence plan is available for completing the Communications Technology (CT) Program in four years: 4-year plan for Web Design & Development     4-year plan for Television Production

ENG 125 is a co/pre-requisite to the introductory major coursework (CT 101 and CT 201), and should be taken in the first semester.

Any FA STUDIO (FA 150, FA 152, FA 155, FA 264, or FA 381) course is the prerequisite to the major course FA 284, and should be taken in the first semester. Majors are specifically encouraged to take FA 150 2D Visual Design or FA 381 Photography I (Photography I is an introductory fine arts course despite being at the 300 level).

All other General Education/Pathways requirements maybe taken at the leisure of the student, but should be completed by the end of a student’s junior year, allowing the student to focus on their internship and final project.

Major Course Advice

Many courses of the Communications Technology major occur in a regular semester sequence. The suggested four–year course sequence follows these regular sequence rules, but below is a description of the specific course offering patterns.

You can be waived from the AC 101 computer literacy requirement. Please visit the CT Office AC-4G01 for more information.

FA 284 is offered every fall and spring semester but fills quickly so register early.

Some CT courses are offered on a staggered schedule based on enrollment and Instructor availability. For example, CT 201 and CT 345 may be offered in the Fall, while CT 205 and CT 355 are offered in the Spring.

Production classes are held in The Lab (4M03) using this general block schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, and occasionally Friday

10:00AM – 1:50PM
2:00PM – 5:50PM
6:00PM – 9:50PM

Lecture classes are generally held on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 3pm -5pm.

The Communications Technology industry is constantly evolving, exploring new technologies and fields of production and design.

CT 415-419 and CT 425-429 Special Topics classes are offered, where students have the opportunity to learn specific skills from industry professionals. These classes are offered on a variety of topics sporadically. Visit the CT website for information on these classes such as: when they will be offered, course descriptions, instructor, etc.

About the Author

Michael Smith is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Communications Technology program at York College. Prof. Smith hosts a personal digital archive project blog on Commons titled It Cannot Be Trivial.