Contact Us

Performing and Fine Arts Department

PFA Department Chair

Timothy Amrhein

Phone: 718-262-3707

Office Location: AC-1A12 or AT-107A

PFA Department Office Manager

Jocelyn Heywood

Phone: 718-262-2400

Office Location: AC-1A12

Communications Technology Program

CT Program Director/Asst Professor

Michael Smith, MFA

Phone: 718-262-2853

Office Location: AC-4G01A

CT Program Office Manager

Janice Givens

Phone: 718-262-2751

Office Location: AC-4G01

CT TV Studio Manager/Lab Coordinator

Daniel Phelps

Phone: 718-262-2917

Office Location: AC-4G01B

CT Major Student Liaison

Iddan Brown

Phone: 718-262-2853

Office Location: AC-4G01

TV Studio

Phone: 718-262-2759

Office Location: AC-4M03

About the Author

Michael Smith is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Communications Technology program at York College. Prof. Smith hosts a personal digital archive project blog on Commons titled It Cannot Be Trivial.